A legacy?

If AB405 does not pass this session, one man gets total credit. A political legacy that few parents will forget. Ben Kieckhefer, 775-684-1450 and Ben.Kieckhefer@sen.state.nv.us, has worked tirelessly to ensure the death of the most low bar, common sense parental rights  bill. One must ask, why?

  • Is Ben Kieckhefer placating Planned Parenthood and protecting their profits?
  • Is Ben Kieckhefer considering changing parties?
  • Is he really that prideful that even though thousands of constituents – FROM HIS DISTRICT – have contacted him asking, begging, demanding a hearing, he continues to prohibit good parents from parenting?
  • Does he thinks HIS KIDS would never get in a situation where they would lie or turn to a secret abortionist, unlike parents who are not as good as him?

Call him and let him know, YOU WON’T FORGET! And, IT’S NOT DEAD YET!

Post cards are making a difference!



Today, I am opening with a shout-out to all of our community organizers, big and small. Some of the smaller ones have had the opportunity to learn old-school tactics. Emails are great. Calls are great. Visits are wonderful, but nothing says activism like a pile of thousands of postcards. Hey little Bridges, those postcards you put in your mailbox in Las Vegas ended up on the desk above MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Good work gentlemen!


Today’s action item starts with a bit of a preface. I had the opportunity to chat with the staff in both the Governor’s and Senator Kieckhefer’s office. These are the patient folks who answer our calls and sort and count our postcards. They work tirelessly and they are delightful folks. This is the first time some of them have seen an old school postcard campaign and they are getting a kick out of it.

Today, please call Senator Ben Kieckhefer’s office 775-684-1450 and start by thanking the staff. Give them a nice compliment (because sometimes they are the one’s that get the brunt of the frustration all of us feel). Nine times out of ten, these folks are on our side, although they can not voice an opinion. After you thank them, ask them to share your message with the senator, move AB405 into HHS and vote in favor of this common sense bill.

There are rumors that there will be a hearing and even Planned Parenthood is running scared. Keep it up. Spread the word. Call. Rinse and repeat.

Keep Calling! It is Working!

After months of avoidance, Senators are finally listening to concerned Nevada parents who support AB405.
It is time to turn up the heat!  
Our calls and emails have broken through, and our elected officials realize that they can no longer bury this legislation. It is critical that you call and email all of the contacts below in the next 48 hours to get this bill into the correct committee and then out of committee for a full floor vote.
Message:  Refer AB405 to HHS and vote yes when it comes to a committee or floor vote.  Protect Nevada girls and the rights of Nevada parents. 
Senator Ben Kieckhefer:
Senator Michael Roberson:
AB405 lives or dies this week!  Don’t stop now!mIncrease the pressure.  Call and write again.  Share with your friends.  Grassroots politics works.
Thank you for your continuing efforts.  We are in the home stretch.  Let’s hit a home run this week!

Kieckhefer and Roberson

If AB405 fails to get a hearing this session, two people will get credit for spiking a common sense parental notification law – a form of which already exists in 38 other states. Girls as young as 11 or 12 will not be able to sign a contract for a phone, get her teeth cleaned, go on a school field trip, get her ears pierced, get an aspirin at school or get a tattoo without a parents consent. Yet that same LITTLE girl will be able to get an abortion, an invasive surgical procedure, without a single parent or guaredain ever KNOWING.

Who will get credit for killing this no-brainer of a bill? Majority Leader Michael Roberson and Finance Chair Ben Kieckhefer. 

Both are standing in the way of moving this bill into the proper committee, Health and Human Services. Why? Simple. They are still acting like they are in the minority. For the past many, many decades they have been able to play both sides of every issue. They are used to being able to promise they “WOULD” support insert issue here, IF ONLY the Republicans were in control. By golly, they are in control. And after all this time, what do their loyal constituents get continual lies, avoidance, and mocking. Just a few examples:

  • The #fantomfiscalnote of $2million.
  • The bill is dead! Except that the deadline for a bill with a #fantomfiscalnote and exemption is May 27.
  • You don’t understand the process and you are taking too much of my time.

Here are the facts.

  • Kieckhefer could release the bill to HHS if he wanted to.
  • Roberson could move this bill if he wanted to.
  • Brower could expend a tiny bit of political capital in the caucus room and move this bill, if he wanted to.
  • Harris could at least take a meeting to have this bill explained to her and no longer believe the lies someone is telling her, if she wanted to.
  • If the Governor cared, he could call the majority leader and finance chair and ask them to quit “protecting him” especially if he really hasn’t asked for the protection.

Here’s the deal fellas. We as constituents have the right to petition our government for redress of grievances. Once that fails, we have the responsibility to work toward a more responsive, transparent government.

If the bill dies, it lies squarely at the feet of Kieckhefer and Roberson. Thousands of parents will not forget.

Please continue to politely contact the Senators and Governor:

Roberson: 775-684-1481

Kieckhefer: 775-684-1450

Brower: 775-684-1419

Governor Sandoval: 775-684-5670

Emails: Remember to put SUPPORT AB405 in the Subject line

Michael.Roberson@sen.state.nv.us, Ben.Kieckhefer@sen.state.nv.us, Greg.Brower@sen.state.nv.us

What can I do? Where does AB405 stand?

AB405 remains in the Senate Finance Committee. Without a hearing, AB405 will die on May 15. There will be no further opportunity to establish just and common sense parental involvement for girls under 18 seeking an invasive surgical procedure – an abortion – until February 2017.

The legislature is dealing with the pressure of the budget, an all-consuming activity for the Finance Committee. As such, it makes no sense for the Finance Committee to hold on to a bill that according to NELIS has NO fiscal impact on the state. The Assembly removed the portion of the bill that had a Fiscal Note of $71K per biennium and to this date no one can produce the much ballyhooed phantom fiscal note of $2 million.


May 6, 10am, Legislative Building 401 S. Carson St., Carson City: Join concerned parents, grandparents and citizens as we visit our Senators and ask them nicely to re-refer AB405 to Health and Human Services, give it a hearing and a vote. Bring friends. We will meet outside the Carson St. entrance at 10am.

Call AND email Ben Kieckhefer 775-684-1450/Ben.Kieckhefer@sen.state.nv.us and encourage him nicely to surrender control of this bill to a committee that actually deals with related issues like teen pregnancy, teen suicide, teen abortion, and maternal health. Ask him to reconsider his stated goal of killing this bill.

Call AND email Michael Roberson, Majority Leader of the Senate, 775-684-1481 Michael.Roberson@sen.state.nv.us and remind him of his support of parental notification during the 2011 session. Leader Roberson was willing to sign a letter requesting the Attorney General to pursue enforcement of Nevada’s enjoined parental notification statute, is he willing to put in the same effort with his colleague, Senator Kieckhefer?


Call and email your senator and express your support for AB405 and request that he or she do all in his or her power to move this bill to the Governor’s desk. Find your Senator here.

Does the Senate Have More Important Things to Do…

Session after session, legislators have always had multiple issues to consider. Yet the Republican leadership refuses to consider extending the same protection to girls under 18 that their male counterparts enjoy – namely parental involvement in all medical procedures! For whatever reason, abortion remains a PROTECTED invasive surgery that a girl as young as 11 can consent to without a parents EVER KNOWING.

“They have more important things to do, like approve the Governor’s tax package,” is a constant refrain heard from senators, staff and powerful lobbyists in Carson.

Meanwhile, girls are asked to face – completely alone and isolated from her family – one of the greatest stressors possible, a crisis pregnancy. Secret abortions support predators, sex traffickers and coercive boyfriends – they certainly do not benefit the young girls who then must carry that secret around for the rest of their lives.


Ben Kieckhefer – 775-684-1450 


Greg Brower – 775-684-1419


Michael Roberson – 775-684-1481 


Downloads for Action:

Half page flyer with phone numbers and emails: actionflyer

Petition: petitionpn


As much as Nevada Senate Republicans would like you to think it is so, AB405 is still not dead. It now languishes in the Senate Finance Committee, where chairman Ben Kieckhefer (email him by clicking on his name) has indicated that it will get NO hearing. Parents want to know:

  1. Where is the phantom fiscal note that caused this to go to Finance? As those who have watched the progress of this bill know, there are 5 fiscal notes attached to the bill – 4 from courts and 1 from Department of HHS. All 4 courts returned a note of $0. Department of HHS returned one for $71,548 for the reporting portion of the bill. The portion that was deleted from the final bill before assembly passage. If there is a fiscal note, why is it being hidden? Where did it come from? Click here to view the ACTUAL Fiscal Notes attached to AB405.
  2. Why is the safety of Nevada’s young girls not important enough to warrant a hearing?
  3. Are the same Senators blocking this, the same Senators rumor had it were encouraging the  Assemblymembers from ever hearing the bill? Why?
  4. Who stands to benefit from a 12 year old getting a secret abortion?

pnflyerPlease call Senate Finance Republicans and ask them why AB405 isn’t worth hearing….

Ben Kieckhefer – mailto:Ben.Kieckhefer@sen.state.nv.us– 775-684-1450
Michael Roberson – mailto:Michael.Roberson@sen.state.nv.us– 775-684-1481
Mark Lipparelli – mailto:Mark.Lipparelli@sen.state.nv.us– 775-684-1475
Pete Goicoechea – mailto:Pete.Goicoechea@sen.state.nv.us– 775-684-1447