As much as Nevada Senate Republicans would like you to think it is so, AB405 is still not dead. It now languishes in the Senate Finance Committee, where chairman Ben Kieckhefer (email him by clicking on his name) has indicated that it will get NO hearing. Parents want to know:

  1. Where is the phantom fiscal note that caused this to go to Finance? As those who have watched the progress of this bill know, there are 5 fiscal notes attached to the bill – 4 from courts and 1 from Department of HHS. All 4 courts returned a note of $0. Department of HHS returned one for $71,548 for the reporting portion of the bill. The portion that was deleted from the final bill before assembly passage. If there is a fiscal note, why is it being hidden? Where did it come from? Click here to view the ACTUAL Fiscal Notes attached to AB405.
  2. Why is the safety of Nevada’s young girls not important enough to warrant a hearing?
  3. Are the same Senators blocking this, the same Senators rumor had it were encouraging the  Assemblymembers from ever hearing the bill? Why?
  4. Who stands to benefit from a 12 year old getting a secret abortion?

pnflyerPlease call Senate Finance Republicans and ask them why AB405 isn’t worth hearing….

Ben Kieckhefer –– 775-684-1450
Michael Roberson –– 775-684-1481
Mark Lipparelli –– 775-684-1475
Pete Goicoechea –– 775-684-1447

Parental Notification…Why Is It Important?


In Nevada, a girl under age 18 can’t get a cavity filled, or an aspirin dispensed by the school nurse without a parent knowing, but a doctor can perform an abortion on a young girl without informing a parent. Abortion is a surgical procedure involving anesthesia and having the potential to cause life-long and sometimes life-ending consequences. Why is parental involvement imperative?

  • Parental notification laws provide commonsense protection for teen and pre-teen girls.
  • It is an undisputed fact that adolescents develop physically before fully maturing psychologically. They simply cannot make decisions that fully consider future consequences AND rarely know their full medical history. In fact, what physician would consider an unemancipated underage girl capable of giving true informed consent?
  • A teen’s parent is her biggest advocate and her best protector.
  • A teen’s parent has important medical information about the teen – often information the teen doesn’t know or won’t remember during a crisis.
  • A majority of Americans support parental involvement. A 2011 Gallup poll found 71% of Americans – including 72% of women and 61% of Democrats – favor PARENTAL CONSENT laws,  higher standard than Nevada is considering.
  • On a daily basis, older men exploit young girls and use secret abortions to cover up their crimes.
  • States which have laws protecting parental rights have experienced real reductions in pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases among young girls.
  • Why should parents expect profit-making abortion clinics to have their daughter’s best interest at heart.
  • A middle school or high school girl can’t get an over the counter medication like tylenol or benadryl at school without parental PERMISSION, yet she can get a surgical abortion without a parent KNOWING about it.
  • How can a parent provide proper and necessary medical care, if they are completely unaware of the procedure and the need for concern?

The History of Parental Notification for Underage Girls Seeking Abortion in Nevada

seal_sosIn 1985, the Nevada Legislature passed NRS442.255 Parental Notification for underage girl seeking an abortion by a vote of 51-18. Upon enactment, it was immediately challenged by Planned Parenthood and the Reno Abortionist. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals found it unconstitutional in Glick v McKay in 1991. The Attorney General of Nevada, Frankie Sue Del Papa did not choose to challenge the ruling.

In 1995, the Nevada Legislature tried unsuccessfully to fix the statute, but in the midst of heated abortion politics, the attempt fails.

In 1997, Supreme Court handed down Lambert v Wickland that upheld a similar notification bill. In the case, the Supreme Court mentions the faulty reasoning in Glick.

On March 17, 2015, the 78th Nevada Legislature introduced Speaker John Hambrick bill, AB405, a simple bill that removes the old NRS442.255 and inserts new language that achieves the same end – involving a parent in a surgical or medical decision.

  • AB405 requires one parent or guardian to be notified 48 hours before an abortion on girls under 18.
  • AB405 provides for a judicial bypass – to be achieved within 5 judicial days – in the rare event that the parent or guardian is deemed a potential physical risk.
  • AB405 retains the same emergency medical bypass existent in current Nevada law for all other surgical and medical events that applies to ALL underage children – boys and girls alike. In an emergency, she will get emergency treatment.
  • AB405 protects the privacy of all girls and their families.

The Abortion Industry and Planned Parenthood challenged this law in 1985. They have fought parental involvement laws in every state for the last thirty years. Let’s hope they will recognize that parents are their children’s best advocates rather than continue to beat the drum that parents are more dangerous than child predators and human traffickers?

Download and read AB405. Don’t believe the lies.