Kieckhefer and Roberson

If AB405 fails to get a hearing this session, two people will get credit for spiking a common sense parental notification law – a form of which already exists in 38 other states. Girls as young as 11 or 12 will not be able to sign a contract for a phone, get her teeth cleaned, go on a school field trip, get her ears pierced, get an aspirin at school or get a tattoo without a parents consent. Yet that same LITTLE girl will be able to get an abortion, an invasive surgical procedure, without a single parent or guaredain ever KNOWING.

Who will get credit for killing this no-brainer of a bill? Majority Leader Michael Roberson and Finance Chair Ben Kieckhefer. 

Both are standing in the way of moving this bill into the proper committee, Health and Human Services. Why? Simple. They are still acting like they are in the minority. For the past many, many decades they have been able to play both sides of every issue. They are used to being able to promise they “WOULD” support insert issue here, IF ONLY the Republicans were in control. By golly, they are in control. And after all this time, what do their loyal constituents get continual lies, avoidance, and mocking. Just a few examples:

  • The #fantomfiscalnote of $2million.
  • The bill is dead! Except that the deadline for a bill with a #fantomfiscalnote and exemption is May 27.
  • You don’t understand the process and you are taking too much of my time.

Here are the facts.

  • Kieckhefer could release the bill to HHS if he wanted to.
  • Roberson could move this bill if he wanted to.
  • Brower could expend a tiny bit of political capital in the caucus room and move this bill, if he wanted to.
  • Harris could at least take a meeting to have this bill explained to her and no longer believe the lies someone is telling her, if she wanted to.
  • If the Governor cared, he could call the majority leader and finance chair and ask them to quit “protecting him” especially if he really hasn’t asked for the protection.

Here’s the deal fellas. We as constituents have the right to petition our government for redress of grievances. Once that fails, we have the responsibility to work toward a more responsive, transparent government.

If the bill dies, it lies squarely at the feet of Kieckhefer and Roberson. Thousands of parents will not forget.

Please continue to politely contact the Senators and Governor:

Roberson: 775-684-1481

Kieckhefer: 775-684-1450

Brower: 775-684-1419

Governor Sandoval: 775-684-5670

Emails: Remember to put SUPPORT AB405 in the Subject line,,

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