What can I do? Where does AB405 stand?

AB405 remains in the Senate Finance Committee. Without a hearing, AB405 will die on May 15. There will be no further opportunity to establish just and common sense parental involvement for girls under 18 seeking an invasive surgical procedure – an abortion – until February 2017.

The legislature is dealing with the pressure of the budget, an all-consuming activity for the Finance Committee. As such, it makes no sense for the Finance Committee to hold on to a bill that according to NELIS has NO fiscal impact on the state. The Assembly removed the portion of the bill that had a Fiscal Note of $71K per biennium and to this date no one can produce the much ballyhooed phantom fiscal note of $2 million.


May 6, 10am, Legislative Building 401 S. Carson St., Carson City: Join concerned parents, grandparents and citizens as we visit our Senators and ask them nicely to re-refer AB405 to Health and Human Services, give it a hearing and a vote. Bring friends. We will meet outside the Carson St. entrance at 10am.

Call AND email Ben Kieckhefer 775-684-1450/Ben.Kieckhefer@sen.state.nv.us and encourage him nicely to surrender control of this bill to a committee that actually deals with related issues like teen pregnancy, teen suicide, teen abortion, and maternal health. Ask him to reconsider his stated goal of killing this bill.

Call AND email Michael Roberson, Majority Leader of the Senate, 775-684-1481 Michael.Roberson@sen.state.nv.us and remind him of his support of parental notification during the 2011 session. Leader Roberson was willing to sign a letter requesting the Attorney General to pursue enforcement of Nevada’s enjoined parental notification statute, is he willing to put in the same effort with his colleague, Senator Kieckhefer?


Call and email your senator and express your support for AB405 and request that he or she do all in his or her power to move this bill to the Governor’s desk. Find your Senator here.

One thought on “What can I do? Where does AB405 stand?

  1. ProLife. Parents have the right to know and be part of any life threatening medical decision regarding their minor child. Two lives are threatened in abortion. Please allow parents the opportunity to save their child and grandchilds lives!


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