Keep Calling! It is Working!

After months of avoidance, Senators are finally listening to concerned Nevada parents who support AB405.
It is time to turn up the heat!  
Our calls and emails have broken through, and our elected officials realize that they can no longer bury this legislation. It is critical that you call and email all of the contacts below in the next 48 hours to get this bill into the correct committee and then out of committee for a full floor vote.
Message:  Refer AB405 to HHS and vote yes when it comes to a committee or floor vote.  Protect Nevada girls and the rights of Nevada parents. 
Senator Ben Kieckhefer:
Senator Michael Roberson:
AB405 lives or dies this week!  Don’t stop now!mIncrease the pressure.  Call and write again.  Share with your friends.  Grassroots politics works.
Thank you for your continuing efforts.  We are in the home stretch.  Let’s hit a home run this week!