This weekend you can make history. The Nevada Legislature is in session for three more days only (Saturday May 30, tomorrow and Monday).

For the first time in four decades, parental involvement in an underage child’s medical procedures – including abortion –  may finally be guaranteed. Girls and boys, under 18, can not be expected to make life-changing decisions without the knowledge of their greatest advocates, their parents.

AB405 is a commonsense bill that requires a doctor peforming an abortion to NOTIFY one parent prior to an underage girl receiving this surgical or medical procedure, with inherent risks and complications. Parental consent is not required, merely notification. Just like a parent NEEDS to know when their child is getting a tooth filled, a tylenol dispensed by a school nurse, or has been skipping school, parents need to know about an abortion.

This will be decided – up or down – in the next three days. I know you have called, written and attended hearings. But can you give our state just a little more?


  • Forward this email (include one or two quick paragraphs why you support AB405) to the senators listed below (cut and paste).



  • Sometime in the next three days, while the legislators are meeting, stop by the legislative bldg in Carson City (401 S. Carson Street) or the Grant Sawyer bldg. in Las Vegas (555 E. Washington) and leave a handwritten note for the senators (make 21 copies) and one for the Governor asking for support of AB405.

Forward this info to 20 people asking them to do the same.

Time is running out! We can do this!


  1. Dear Melissa and Nevada Moms Care,        You have done an amazing job of promoting and repeatedly rescuing and resurrecting your Nevada Parental Notification bill AB 405. NOTE:  I speak from experience in promoting Parental Involvement legislation and initiatives in California and a few others states for nearly 30 years.        In these final 2 days, the matter comes down pretty much to pure politics to “MAKE HISTORY – PUSH AB 405 OVER THE TOP!”        Gov. Brian Sandoval is obviously a very high placed Republican Hispanic candidate and politician who is even being spoken about as a U.S. Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidate in 2016 (or later?) and as a possible U.S. Senate replacement for Harry Reid.  See:       If Gov. Brian Sandoval knew that there was strong voter support in Nevada for Parental Notification, especially among Hispanics (and even Democrats), he would be very likely to support it and round up the votes needed to pass it in the Nevada Senate.            Has there been any survey/poll of Nevada voters showing strong support for Parental Notification?       There are many national surveys showing very strong support for Parental Notification, even among Democrats and “pro-choice” voters.       Even in California, many polls show strong support for Parental Notification.       The largest and most accurate poll surveyed over 2,500 California residents by telephone in English, Spanish, and other languages — a very expensive survey funded by the Hewlett Foundation — done by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC).   It showed strong support for abortion in general — except for Parental Notification, which 68% supported.         The ethnic breakdowns were particularly striking with 81% of Latinos in favor of Parental Notification.               That would particularly impress Gov. Brian Sandoval!        Please see the attached 1-page information sheets about this PPIC survey.  One is all black and white and one has color to show the ethnic and political party breakdowns of this survey.  I have also pasted it in below this Email, for your convenience.  The breakdowns are:_____________________Majorities across party lines(55% Democrats, 66% independents, 77% Republicans), regions, and ethnic andracial groups favor a parental notification law. Latinos (81%) are the mostlikely group (70% Asians, 68% blacks, 58% whites) to support the idea.__________________________________________       You have done a wonderful job of rallying people to attend hearings, rallies, and to send letters, Email, telephone calls, and faxes!!!         However, politicians are more impressed by surveys/polls of voters.         If there is no survey/poll of Nevada voters, the next best thing would be some national surveys/polls, or the attached one from nearby California which is clearly more “pro-choice” and “liberal” on abortion and abortion related issues than is Nevada.          I hope and pray that Governor Sandoval and the Nevada Senate will still pass and sign AB 405 !        Albin Rhomberg    916-427-1671 916-662-1852 cell 916-421-5732 fax

              Survey:  68% of Californians favor parental notification . . .PUBLICPOLICY INSTITUTE OF CALIFORNIAPRESS RELEASE 25, 2009Pro-Choice Views Prevail, But Californians Far FromUnited on AbortionSAN FRANCISCO, California, February 25, 2009—While Californians strongly favor pro-choice policies,their attitudes have shifted slightly in favor of abortion restrictions,according to a survey released today by the Public Policy Institute of California(PPIC) with funding from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. _______________________________________ A majority (68%) ofCalifornians do favor one type of abortion restriction: a state law that wouldrequire parents to be notified before a woman under 18 can get an abortion.Although voters have narrowly rejected three state ballot initiatives thatwould have required parental notification, Californians today favor the ideawhen asked outside the context of a political campaign. Majorities across party lines(55% Democrats, 66% independents, 77% Republicans), regions, and ethnic andracial groups favor a parental notification law.  Latinos (81%) are the mostlikely group (70% Asians, 68% blacks, 58% whites) to support the idea._______________________________________ ABOUTTHE SURVEY This survey is the 95th PPIC Statewide Surveyin a series that has generated a database of the responses of more than 202,000Californians. The survey is part of a series on education, environment, andpopulation issues funded by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Findings are based on a telephone surveyof 2,502 California adult residents, on landline and cellphones. Interviews were conducted from February 3–17, 2009, in English, Spanish, Chinese(Mandarin or Cantonese), Vietnamese, and Korean. The sampling error for thetotal sample is ±2 percent. It is larger for subgroups. For more information onmethodology, see page 25.PPICis a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to informing and improving publicpolicy in Californiathrough independent, objective, nonpartisan research on major economic, social,and political issues. The institute was established in 1994 with an endowmentfrom William R. Hewlett. PPIC does not take or support positions on any ballotmeasure or on any local, state, or federal legislation, nor does it endorse,support, or oppose any political parties or candidates for public office._________________________________________to viewcomplete press release, see:  


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