Post cards are making a difference!



Today, I am opening with a shout-out to all of our community organizers, big and small. Some of the smaller ones have had the opportunity to learn old-school tactics. Emails are great. Calls are great. Visits are wonderful, but nothing says activism like a pile of thousands of postcards. Hey little Bridges, those postcards you put in your mailbox in Las Vegas ended up on the desk above MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Good work gentlemen!


Today’s action item starts with a bit of a preface. I had the opportunity to chat with the staff in both the Governor’s and Senator Kieckhefer’s office. These are the patient folks who answer our calls and sort and count our postcards. They work tirelessly and they are delightful folks. This is the first time some of them have seen an old school postcard campaign and they are getting a kick out of it.

Today, please call Senator Ben Kieckhefer’s office 775-684-1450 and start by thanking the staff. Give them a nice compliment (because sometimes they are the one’s that get the brunt of the frustration all of us feel). Nine times out of ten, these folks are on our side, although they can not voice an opinion. After you thank them, ask them to share your message with the senator, move AB405 into HHS and vote in favor of this common sense bill.

There are rumors that there will be a hearing and even Planned Parenthood is running scared. Keep it up. Spread the word. Call. Rinse and repeat.

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