Where the Bill Stands Today…Your Action Necessary


Nevada girls of any age can obtain an abortion without a parent or guardian EVER KNOWING. Can you imagine a 13 year old girl undergoing a surgical procedure involving anesthetics without those who know her medical history EVER KNOWING? Nevada currently protects predators, not the most innocent among us…young girls.

AB405 is a commonsense bill that recognizes that a parent or guardian should be involved when a girl under 18 is considering an abortion, just like in any other medical or surgical decision. If enacted, one parent or guardian would have to be notified by the abortion provider prior to an underage girl’s abortion. No consent is required. Bypasses are written into the law for medical emergencies and the rare situations where physical abuse by parent is feared. The bill is written to withstand judicial challenge.

Unbelievably, there are those in the legislature who would side AGAINST parents and AGAINST their underage daughters. Whose side are they on? Sexual predators? Abortionists? Human traffickers?

James Oscarson, Chair of Assembly HHS Committee: Mr. Oscarson has the SOLE decision as to whether this bill is EVER heard. If it is not heard and voted out of his committee by this upcoming Friday April 10, it is DEAD for another 2 years. How many secret abortions will happen in the next two years? How many lives will be changed irreversibly?

Email James.Oscarson@asm.state.nv.us this weekend with the following message:

Subject Line: GIVE AB405 a Hearing and Vote

Message: Protect parents and underage girls. Do not let AB405 die without a hearing and vote. Nevada parents should be involved in their underage child’s medical decisions. 

  • Parents have their daughter’s best interest and more importantly their medical history…no one else does
  • Abortion is a surgical procedure. A parent must give CONSENT to all other surgical procedures performed on a child living under their roof. Why should abortion be different?
  • This is a common sense law. There is judicial bypass for those RARE occasions when parents are abusive
  • This is a means to protect girls from predatory sex abusers and human traffickers
  • A child under 18 does not have the ability to weigh the future consequences of decisions. As such, underage children have commonsense parental involvement regulations regarding tattoos and piercings, and in the State of Nevada are prohibited from using a tanning bed. Notification for a surgical procedure is the very least we can do to protect Nevada’s young girls
  • A child under 18 cannot miss school without parental involvement, yet she can get a surgical abortion
  • Parents should be involved in ALL medical decisions – including abortions
  • Nevada is rightly concerned with the proliferation of sex trafficking especially among its youngest victims. Why protect the abusers and human traffickers and allow them to cover up their crimes?

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